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LPIC-3 (Exam 305)

LPIC-3 Exam 305

LPIC-3 (Exam 305) Exam Voucher

The LPIC-3 Exam 305 focuses on Virtualization and Containerization, representing the highest level of professional, distribution-neutral Linux certification in the industry. Here are the key details for the LPIC-3 Exam 305 (Exam code: 305-300):

  • Current Version: 3.0

  • Prerequisites: To be eligible for the LPIC-3 certification, candidates must have an active LPIC-2 certification. However, the exams for LPIC-2 and LPIC-3 can be taken in any order.

  • Exam Objectives: The exam covers various topics under three main areas: Full Virtualization, Container Virtualization, and VM Deployment and Provisioning. Key topics include Virtualization Concepts and Theory, Xen, QEMU, Libvirt Virtual Machine Management, Virtual Machine Disk Image Management, Container Virtualization Concepts, LXC, Docker, and Container Orchestration Platforms, among others.

  • Exam Format: The 90-minute exam consists of 60 multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions.

  • Validity Period: The certification is valid for 5 years.

  • Languages: The exam is available in English and Japanese languages.

For those preparing for the exam, it's crucial to review each learning objective thoroughly, as the objectives provide insight into the topics covered on the exam and their relative importance. This can help ensure a focused and efficient study plan.


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