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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional

Unlock advanced DevOps skills with the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional (DOP-C02) Exam Voucher. Validate your expertise in continuous integration, automation, monitoring, and security on AWS. This professional-level certification opens doors to higher career opportunities and showcases your ability to manage complex distributed systems. Secure your exam voucher today and take the next step in your DevOps career journey with AWS certification.


Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (MB-920)

Purchase a Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (MB-920) Exam Voucher to start your journey in understanding Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. The MB-920 exam certifies your foundational knowledge in Dynamics 365, covering core concepts, features, and capabilities. This voucher provides access to the certification exam, allowing you to validate your skills and enhance your professional credentials. Take the first step towards a career in Dynamics 365 and open doors to new opportunities. Invest in your future today!


Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300)

The Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300) exam certifies your expertise in transforming data into actionable insights using Microsoft Power BI. It validates your skills in data preparation, modeling, visualization, and analysis, making you a key asset in any organization. This certification enhances your career prospects, boosts your earning potential, and sets you apart in a competitive job market. Master Power BI and drive strategic decisions with the PL-300 certification.


Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

The Microsoft AZ-900 exam, aimed at demonstrating foundational knowledge of cloud concepts and Microsoft Azure, is designed for individuals at the beginner level, focusing on roles like Administrator and involving subjects such as Data and AI. The exam was last updated on January 23, 2024. As a candidate, you should be proficient in describing Azure architectural components, services (such as Compute, Networking, Storage), and features/tools for Azure's security, governance, and administration.


Azure Virtual Desktop (AZ-140)

Unlock your path to certification with the Azure Virtual Desktop (AZ-140) exam voucher. Validate your proficiency in Azure Virtual Desktop implementation and management, showcasing your expertise to employers and clients. With access to the AZ-140 exam, prepare confidently using our comprehensive study resources and practice tests. Take the next step in your career in cloud-based desktop virtualization and secure your future success with the AZ-140 exam voucher.


Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204)

Elevate your cloud development skills with the Microsoft Azure Developer (AZ-204) exam. Validate your expertise in designing, building, testing, and maintaining cloud solutions on Azure. This certification demonstrates your ability to develop scalable and secure applications, integrate Azure services, and optimize cloud-based solutions. Prepare confidently with our comprehensive study materials and practice exams. Take the next step in your career and become a certified Azure Developer with the AZ-204 exam.


Azure Infrastructure Solutions (AZ-305)

Become a certified Azure infrastructure professional with the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions (AZ-305) exam. Validate your expertise in designing and implementing Azure solutions. Prepare with confidence using our comprehensive study resources and practice exams. Elevate your career in cloud computing and unlock new opportunities in Azure infrastructure. Take the next step towards success with the AZ-305 exam.


Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ-400)

Unlock your DevOps potential with the Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ-400) exam voucher. This voucher grants you access to the certification exam, validating your skills in designing and implementing DevOps practices using Azure. Ideal for professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in CI/CD, version control, and infrastructure as code, the AZ-400 certification significantly boosts career prospects, operational efficiency, and industry recognition. Invest in your future and elevate your career with this essential and highly-regarded certification.


Azure Data Fundamentals (DP-900)

Launch your cloud data career with the DP-900 exam voucher! Master data fundamentals on Microsoft Azure. Explore relational & non-relational data, data warehousing, and analytics services. Gain the knowledge to manage cloud data effectively. This voucher paves the way for your success in the thriving world of cloud data solutions.


Azure Security Engineer (AZ-500)

Master in-demand cloud security skills with our AZ-500 exam voucher. Validate your expertise in designing, implementing, and managing security for Azure, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments. Prepare for a future-proof career and gain the knowledge to secure cloud resources effectively. Get your voucher today!


JS Institute (JS) Programmer

Earn your Certified Entry-Level JavaScript Programmer (JSE-40-01) certification and validate your expertise in JavaScript. Enhance your career prospects with industry-recognized skills in web development and software engineering. Demonstrate your proficiency in essential JavaScript concepts and frameworks, setting yourself apart in the competitive job market. Prepare confidently with comprehensive study materials and take the next step towards achieving your professional goals in JavaScript programming.


Js Institute WDE – Web Developer

Purchase your Certified Entry-Level Web Developer Exam voucher today and validate your skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Angular. Prepare confidently with comprehensive study materials and practice tests. Unlock career opportunities in frontend development and UI/UX design with this industry-recognized certification. Join thousands of successful candidates and take the first step towards achieving your professional goals in web development.


Python (PCED)

The PCED - Certified Entry-Level Python Developer certification (Exam PCED-32-10x) is an essential credential for aspiring developers, students, and professionals starting their Python programming journey. It validates fundamental knowledge in Python syntax, data structures, basic algorithms, and problem-solving techniques. This certification demonstrates the ability to write simple programs, understand core Python concepts, and apply them in various real-world scenarios.


Python (PCPP2)

The PCPP2 - Certified Professional Python Programming Level 2 certification (Exam PCPP-32-20x) is a high-stakes professional credential targeted at experienced developers, IT specialists, engineers, software and system architects, and working professionals. It validates expertise in designing, developing, debugging, refactoring, implementing, and maintaining high-quality multi-module systems, tools, and frameworks using Python Standard and non-Standard Library components and related technologies.


Python (PCPP1)

The PCPP1 certification opens doors to roles such as software developer, network programmer, data analyst, or tester. It’s also beneficial for team leaders, product managers, and project managers seeking a deeper understanding of the software development cycle. PCPP1 validates skills in advanced Python programming, including best practices, coding conventions, and standard libraries, enhancing career prospects significantly.


Python (PCAP)

The PCAP – Certified Associate Python Programmer certification (Exam PCAP-31-0x) is designed to assess a candidate's ability to perform intermediate-level coding tasks in Python. It focuses on the candidate's familiarity with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Python, covering advanced aspects such as modules, packages, string processing, exceptions, file processing, and the fundamentals of OOP.


Python (PCEP)

The PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer certification, also known as Exam PCEP-30-0x, is designed for individuals who are beginning their journey in Python programming. This certification assesses the candidate's understanding of basic programming concepts such as data types, containers, functions, conditions, loops, and the Python programming language's syntax, semantics, and runtime environment.


Python (PCAD)

The PCAD exam voucher is your ticket to taking the PCAD certification exam. This exam, formally known as the Professional Certified AI Developer exam, evaluates candidates' proficiency in designing and implementing AI solutions using various programming languages and frameworks. It covers topics such as machine learning algorithms, neural networks, natural language processing, and computer vision.


CompTIA Network+

Enhance your IT career with the CompTIA Network+ exam voucher. This certification validates your networking skills, covering essential areas such as troubleshooting, configuration, and management of wired and wireless networks. Recognized globally, the CompTIA Network+ certification opens doors to advanced career opportunities and industry recognition. Whether you're starting out or looking to advance, this voucher is your key to demonstrating your expertise and securing your future in networking. Invest in your professional growth today!


CompTIA A+ (Core 2)

Looking to propel your IT career forward? Don't miss out on the CompTIA A+ Core 2 exam voucher—a key to unlocking new opportunities. This voucher validates your expertise in critical IT domains such as software troubleshooting, operating systems, and security. Featuring a balanced mix of multiple-choice and performance-based questions, it not only earns you industry recognition but also serves as a catalyst for career advancement. Seize this chance to showcase your skills and take your IT journey to the next level!


CompTIA A+ (Core 1)

Secure your future in IT with the CompTIA A+ (Core 1) exam voucher. Whether you're aiming to launch your IT career or elevate to the next level, this certification paves your way to success in the ever-evolving IT world. With its comprehensive coverage of essential IT concepts and practices, CompTIA A+ (Core 1) opens doors to boundless opportunities and thrilling career prospects. Don't miss out on the chance to unleash your potential with CompTIA A+ (Core 1) certification.


CompTIA Linux+

The CompTIA Linux+ exam, coded XK0-005, was launched on July 12, 2022. It is designed to validate the competencies required of an early career systems administrator supporting Linux systems. The exam covers a range of topics including system management, security, scripting, containers and automation, and troubleshooting.



The CompTIA CASP+ (CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner) certification is designed for IT professionals with advanced-level skills in security. The CASP+ certification exam, identified by the code CAS-004, covers the technical knowledge and skills required to architect, engineer, integrate, and implement secure solutions across complex environments, supporting a resilient enterprise while considering governance, risk, and compliance requirements.



The CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) certification is tailored for cybersecurity professionals responsible for incident detection, prevention, and response through continuous security monitoring. There are two exam codes for the CySA+ certification


CompTIA Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ certification, under exam code CV0-003, focuses on the essential skills needed to deploy, automate, and ensure the security of cloud environments, safeguarding mission-critical applications and data. This certification is performance-based, demonstrating to employers the technical abilities necessary to manage cloud-based infrastructure services within the broader IT systems framework.


CompTIA Security+

The CompTIA Security+ exam (SY0-601) is a globally recognized certification that validates essential cybersecurity skills and knowledge. Covering topics such as threats, vulnerabilities, technologies, and risk management, it includes up to 90 multiple-choice and performance-based questions. With a recommended two years of IT security experience, the exam ensures you are proficient in securing networks, managing identities, and mitigating risks. A passing score of 750 out of 900 is required.


Office 365 Fundamentals (MS-900)

The Microsoft MS-900 exam, titled Microsoft 365 Fundamentals, is designed for individuals looking to demonstrate foundational-level knowledge of cloud-based solutions that enhance productivity, collaboration, and security. It's aimed at those new to Microsoft 365 or those with knowledge of cloud-based solutions, preparing them for further Microsoft certifications, though it's not a prerequisite for advanced ones.


Power Platform Functional Consultant (PL-200)

Purchase a Power Platform Functional Consultant (PL-200) Exam Voucher to advance your career in business solutions and app development. The PL-200 exam validates your skills in configuring Microsoft Power Platform, creating apps, automating workflows, and analyzing data. This voucher grants access to the certification exam, enabling you to demonstrate your expertise, enhance your professional credentials, and open doors to new opportunities. Invest in your future today and become a certified Power Platform Functional Consultant!


Azure Data Scienteist (DP-100)

Purchase a Microsoft DP-100 Exam Voucher to kickstart your journey in data science and machine learning on Azure. The DP-100 exam, titled "Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure," certifies your ability to apply data science principles and manage machine learning workloads. This voucher provides access to the exam, enabling you to demonstrate your expertise and take the first step towards advancing your career with Azure certifications.


Azure Administration (AZ-104)

Accelerate your journey to becoming a certified Microsoft Azure Administrator with the AZ-104 exam voucher. This voucher validates your proficiency in managing Azure services, encompassing identity, governance, storage, and virtual networks. Prepare to excel in the dynamic realm of cloud computing and unlock numerous career opportunities. Take the next step towards professional success and secure your AZ-104 exam voucher today!


Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP

The CISSP examination is a rigorous test of your knowledge and skills in cybersecurity. It is structured to ensure that only those with a thorough understanding and practical experience in information security can pass.


CompTIA PenTest+

The CompTIA PenTest+ certification (exam code PT0-002) is designed for cybersecurity professionals involved in penetration testing and vulnerability management. It focuses on ensuring candidates have the most up-to-date penetration testing and vulnerability assessment skills necessary for identifying and addressing network resiliency against attacks.


Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

Containers are the new paradigm for shipping software and configuring infrastructure; and in the container world Kubernetes is the domain container orchestration and management system.

This certification provides one with the knowledge to harness the power of Kubernetes to deploy application, manage clusters, configure storage, networks and logging and maintain scalable robust infrastructure.


Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

The CKAD exam certifies individuals in designing, building, and deploying cloud-native applications for Kubernetes. It evaluates candidates through a performance-based test involving a set of problems to be solved in a command-line environment​


Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator

The Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) exam is a comprehensive certification aimed at validating a candidate's proficiency in managing Linux-based systems.


LPIC-1 Exam 101

The LPIC-1 Exam 101 is part of the Linux Professional Institute's (LPI) LPIC-1 certification, which is recognized globally as a standard for Linux professionals. The LPIC-1 certification covers basic maintenance tasks on the command line, installing and configuring a Linux computer, and basic networking.

Exam 101

LPIC-1 Exam 102

The LPIC-1 Exam 102 is part of the Linux Professional Institute's multi-level Linux professional certification program. It's designed to validate a candidate's ability to perform maintenance tasks on the command line, install and configure a Linux computer, and set up basic networking. The current version of the exam is 5.0, and it's identified by the codes 101-500 and 102-500.

Exam 102

LPIC-2 Exam 201

The LPIC-2 certification is designed for IT professionals aiming to validate their skills in administering small to medium-sized mixed networks. It is the second level within the Linux Professional Institute's (LPI) multi-level certification program. The LPIC-2 certification requires candidates to pass two exams, 201 and 202, focusing on advanced system administration tasks such as kernel management, system startup, file system and devices, and more​.

Exam 201

LPIC-2 Exam 202

The LPIC-2 Exam 202 is part of the second level of the multi-level professional certification program by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). It covers a variety of advanced Linux skills and knowledge areas, including but not limited to the configuration of basic and advanced networking, system maintenance, domain name servers, web services, file sharing, network client management, email services, and system security. Specifically, for the Exam 202, topics include domain name server configuration, securing a DNS server, Apache and Nginx web services setup, Samba and NFS file sharing, DHCP configuration, PAM authentication, LDAP client usage, and more.

Exam 202

LPIC-3 Exam 303

The LPIC-3 Exam 303, focusing on Security, is part of the Linux Professional Institute's certification program designed for enterprise-level Linux professionals. The current version of the exam is 3.0, coded as 303-300, and it is aimed at assessing your skills in administering Linux systems with an emphasis on security across an enterprise environment. To qualify for the LPIC-3 certification, candidates must have an active LPIC-2 certification. The LPIC-3 Security exam comprises 60 multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions to be completed within 90 minutes. Once obtained, the LPIC-3 certification is valid for a period of 5 years.


LPIC-3 Exam 305

The LPIC-3 Exam 305 focuses on Virtualization and Containerization, representing the highest level of professional, distribution-neutral Linux certification in the industry. Here are the key details for the LPIC-3 Exam 305

Exam 305

LPIC-3 Exam 306

The LPIC-3 Exam 306 focuses on High Availability and Storage Clusters, representing the highest level of professional, distribution-neutral Linux certification within the industry. It's designed for enterprise-level Linux professionals to demonstrate their expertise in Linux systems administration with an emphasis on high availability systems and storage.


LPIC-3 Exam 300

The LPIC-3 Exam 300, also known as the LPIC-3 Mixed Environments exam, is the pinnacle of the multi-level professional certification program by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). This certification is designed for enterprise-level Linux professionals and represents the highest level of professional, distribution-neutral Linux certification within the industry. To receive the LPIC-3 Mixed Environments certification, candidates must already hold an active LPIC-2 certification. The exam, denoted as 300-300, is a 90-minute assessment consisting of 60 multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. The validity period for the certification is 5 years​ .

Exam 300

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The CLF-C02: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is a foundational certification designed to validate a candidate's understanding of the AWS Cloud, its services, and its terminology. This certification is aimed at individuals with no prior IT or cloud experience, making it an excellent starting point for those looking to embark on a cloud career or for line-of-business employees seeking foundational cloud literacy.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Skills in AWS services for compute, networking, storage, and database, deployment, management, security controls, and compliance requirements. Understanding of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and ability to identify AWS services for technical requirements.


AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

The certification validates an individual's ability to deploy, manage, and operate workloads on AWS. It focuses on implementing security controls and compliance requirements, and it's suitable for those with experience in a systems administrator role, AWS technology, or substantial on-premises IT experience.


AWS Certified Developer - Associate

This certification is aimed at individuals with experience in a developer role, possessing in-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language and familiarity with AWS technology. It's also suitable for those with substantial on-premises IT experience looking to transition to the cloud​.


PMI Certified Associate in Project Management

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is a credential offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) that is designed for individuals entering the field of project management. This certification is aimed at improving their understanding, terminology, and processes associated with effective project management.


PMI Project Management Professional

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is a credential offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) that is designed for individuals entering the field of project management. This certification is aimed at improving their understanding, terminology, and processes associated with effective project management.


PMI Agile Certified Practitioner

The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification is a widely recognized credential offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) that demonstrates an individual's expertise in agile practices in project management. The PMI-ACP covers a broad range of agile methodologies, including Scrum, Kanban, Lean, extreme programming (XP), and test-driven development (TDD). It is designed for project managers who use agile approaches in their projects and want to show their employers and peers their level of professionalism in agile practices of project management.


Professional in Business Analysis

The PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) exam is administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to certify professionals who excel in business analysis. Business analysis is critical in project management and involves identifying business needs, managing requirements, and creating solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.


Risk Management Professional

The PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) exam is a specialized credential offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) that validates an individual’s ability to identify and assess project risks, mitigate threats, and capitalize on opportunities. This certification is particularly valuable for roles focused on project risk management in any industry.


PMI Program Management Professional

The PgMP certification is aimed at program managers who have advanced experience and skills in managing multiple related projects that are aligned to achieve the strategic goals of an organization. This certification signifies a candidate's ability to oversee successful program management, providing an upper hand in employment and promotion within project and program management careers.


PMI Portfolio Management Professional

The PMI Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) exam is a prestigious certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) designed for advanced portfolio managers. The certification demonstrates a professional's capability in managing and aligning a portfolio of projects and programs to achieve organizational objectives. Here’s an overview of the PfMP exam, including its structure, requirements, and benefits



Unlock your career potential with the Cisco CCNP Exam – the pinnacle of networking expertise. At Jumping Bean, we proudly offer Cisco CCNP Exam vouchers, granting you access to this advanced certification at an exceptional value. Dive deep into intricate networking concepts, advanced configurations, and troubleshooting methodologies, and validate your expertise with a globally respected credential.  Whether you're looking to deepen your networking knowledge or aiming for leadership roles in IT networking, our CCNP Exam vouchers provide a cost-effective pathway to achieving your ambitions. Don't miss out on this chance to advance your career in the dynamic field of IT networking.

300-410 CCNP


Unlock your career potential with the Cisco CCNA Exam – the gateway to networking success. At Jumping Bean, we offer Cisco CCNA Exam vouchers, providing you with access to this prestigious certification at an unbeatable price. Master essential networking concepts, configurations, and troubleshooting techniques, and validate your skills with a globally recognized credential. Whether you're starting your journey in networking or aiming to advance your career, our CCNA Exam vouchers offer a cost-effective way to achieve your goals. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your career in the ever-evolving world of IT networking. Purchase your voucher today and take the first step towards Cisco certification excellence.

200-031 CCNA

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